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Iola Craft Fair 2019

About me...My name is Leaha Young. I started doing crafts years ago and giving the items I made as gifts. With the  birth of my great niece, I began crocheting a baby layette as a special gift for her.  My husband was undergoing treatment for cancer, so I had plenty of time on my hands  while sitting  with him during the hours of chemotherapy.  My firends and family began encouraging me to open my own shop, and so, Adorably Cute Creations by Leaha, named after my Great Niece, Adara Rose, and of course, me, was created. I hope you enjoy your shopping experience. Please come back soon .

Adara Rose Collection

Customer's Suggestion: At Adorably Cute Creations by Leaha we welcome all our customer's comments. We do our best to implement all your suggestions, depending on regulations by our website host. I value our customers and know that without our customer's and their input we would not have a business.  Enjoy your shopping and come back again. Thank you.


Heading 4

Home Decor
Kitchen Trio (400x300) (3).jpg

Refund Policy

Full refund when items are received damaged due to quality of workmanship and returned to us within 30 days from the time item is received. We are NOT responsible for items received damaged due to shippers mishandling.

US Navy Coasters.JPG
Kansas City Chiefs Coasters.JPG

Our Military features hand crafted coasters and

accessories for all our veterans. Thank you to all of you who have served, or who have a loved one that has serviced our country.. 

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